Use your About Page to spark new relationships with your site visitors. Once a potential customer gets to know, like, and trust you she will be more likely to buy your products and services, and refer you to friends. Your About Page is a great place to create that connection.


Even though the About Page tells your story, make the customer the hero of the tale. Your business is not the pot of gold a customer wants. Instead, your product or service is a bridge to what your customer desires.

For example, when you recount why you started your business, focus on the passion you have for giving customers high value at a fair price. And when you share personal details about yourself, spotlight the elements of your biography that your target customer will relate to. Aligning your About Page with the needs and desires of your customers is a subtle change that makes a powerful impact on site visitors.


Not everyone who comes to your site will visit your About page. However, we’ve seen statistically that most visitors who eventually buy from first made a stop at your About page to learn more about the people behind the company.

Crafting an effective About page is critical to having a website that grows your business. Follows the guidelines we’ve laid out for you, and your page will create a bond with site visitors who are looking to buy what you sell.


Site visitors will scan your About page before will they read a single word. That’s why it’s important to style the page with the same care you use for your homepage, portfolio, and product pages.

Long blocks of unstyled text won’t get read, especially when your site appears on tablets and mobile devices. You can make your About page more readable by using paragraphs breaks, subject headings, and bolding important words.